COBOL and the big tin bank

In 2017, Reuters published the following findings from a piece of research conducted by Celent, Accenture, IBM and others, into the technology supporting major US banking systems:43% of banking systems are built on COBOL80% of in-person transactions use COBOL95% of...

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Banking on Mobile Technology

Every day, people turn to technology to replace the traditional banking experience. In fact, 50% of all adults will use a mobile device to access financial services by 2021.However, banks aren’t exactly optimistic about this change. Since 2012, several major US banks...

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All’s fair in love and innovation

I bet your bank has a standardised innovation process. Maybe an innovation idea portal and associated management platform? There are criteria, stage-gates and proof points, pre-agreed, approved and standardised so that the innovation process can be managed, governed...

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